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The Worker's Compensation Act (WKC-1-P) serves as the foundation for the worker's compensation system. The Act is instrumental to maintaining an effective and efficient system.

The Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Act is unique in that amendments are formulated through a collaborative process that involves the primary stakeholders of the system - labor, management, insurers, medical providers, legislators and staff. This process yields an Act that provides a stable and widely supported worker's compensation system.



WC Agreed Bill for the current biennium was introduced in the Wisconsin State Senate on January 8, 2020


WC Agreed Bill for 2018 was introduced in the Wisconsin State Senate on 12/21/2017.

2015 Wisconsin Act 180, AB-724

On February 29, 2016 Governor Scott Walker signed the WC Agreed Upon Bill for 2016, AB-724. 2015 Wisconsin Act 180 became effective on March 2, 2016. Plain Language Summary