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Civil Rights Online Hearing

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a witness scheduled to testify in an online hearing. What should I do if I have technical difficulties logging onto the hearing?

As a witness, you should contact the party who called you to testify if you are having a problem entering the hearing. If that doesn't work, you should contact the Administrative Law Judge by e-mail or telephone to inform the Administrative Law Judge of the problem you are having.

I am a witness scheduled to testify in an online hearing. What should I do if I have technical difficulties during the hearing?

Attorneys, witnesses, and unrepresented parties who experience technical difficulties during the online hearing should message all participants in the chat feature.

What should I do if I don't have all the technical requirements needed to participate in the online hearing process?

Witnesses should work with their attorney or the party who has called them to testify to ensure all technical requirements have been met prior to the hearing. Unrepresented parties are responsible for their own technical requirements and the technical requirements of the party's witnesses.

Do I need a headset if I have a microphone and speakers on my computer?

No. You may use a microphone and speakers instead of a headset, but a headset is the preferred audio equipment. The use of a headset may help eliminate background noise.

Can I be with my attorney during the online hearing?

A party or witness may be with their attorney only if they have received prior approval from the Administrative Law Judge handling the case.

Can I use my cell phone to attend an online hearing?

Yes, you can use your cell phone to attend the hearing. However, it is not the best way to attend the hearing since you will not be able to see what you can see on a computer screen. Additionally, it is difficult to hold the cell phone in a steady manner during the entire time you are in the hearing.

How do I know if my internet connection is stable and secure enough for the online hearing process?

Please use the Webex test link to test the ability of any person to participate in the Webex hearing. Click on the link and follow the prompts.

Can I participate in an online hearing from my home?

Yes. As long as technical requirements are met, you can attend from home.

Why do I need to be alone during the online hearing process?

You need to be alone because you will need to be able to devote your attention to the hearing. Additionally, your testimony must be your own and we do not want anyone being "coached" during a hearing.

I've misplaced my online hearing email invitation and green Join Meeting hearing access button. How do I get a new one?

Contact the party who called you as a witness. You can also contact the Administrative Law Judge who can send you another invitation.

Do I need to download a special program to access the Webex online hearing platform?

No. You may participate in an online hearing without downloading the Webex meeting client. However, you may have a better computer interface for the hearing if you agree to download the Webex program when prompted by the computer when using the green Join Meeting button./p>

Where can I find the online hearing instructions and visual aids?

There are hearing instructions and visual aids on our Online Hearing pages.

What if I miss my online hearing?

Missing an online hearing is the same as missing a hearing in person. If you are a complainant, missing the hearing might result in the dismissal of your complaint. If you are a respondent, you may not have the opportunity to defend yourself. A party who has missed the party's online hearing, should immediately contact the Administrative Law Judge and the other party to explain the person's failure to appear at the hearing.

How long will I be in the online waiting room before I testify?

This varies. Prior to the hearing, the party or attorney that has asked you to testify should provide you with the approximate time you will be expected to testify. You should arrange with the party or attorney a way to contact you if there is a change in the time you will be needed to testify. This will reduce the amount of time you will need to be in the online waiting room.

I can see everyone in the online hearing, but I can't hear them. What should I do?

If the Administrative Law Judge informs you that you cannot be heard, you should try leaving the online hearing and reentering the online hearing. If that does not correct the problem, you should call into the online hearing using your phone and calling the toll-free numbers provided in the hearing invitation.