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Other Work-Based Learning Programs

Work-based learning experiences expose students to different types of jobs and help students learn and apply skills necessary to the working world. Concurrently, these experiences give students the opportunity to acquire attitudes, skills, and knowledge for work and other life roles by participating in actual or simulated work settings related to in-school instructional programs. All of these activities are aimed at the infusion of workplace experiences into the academic environment to assist students in developing work behaviors that will make them more employable.

There are a wide variety of work-based learning choices offered through school districts. Discussion with your guidance school counselor will help you to choose the one that best meets your needs and career goals.

How Does YA Compare to Other Work-Based Learning Programs?

Program Comparison: YA and Cooperative Skills Education Certificate (Skills Co-op)

The program chosen should best meet the goals and needs of the students and the resources of the school district.

Both programs prepare students for a career.

Both programs are rigorous, relevant, and excellent.

While very similar to each other, there are some differences: